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Gerber Butyrometer Shaking Stand

New Gerber Butyrometer Shaking Stand 12place

The GERBER Test for dairy FAT analysis in Milk, & Cream is recognised worldwide and is the basis for numerous national and international standards such as ISO 2446, IDF 105 & BS696.
LABTEK Services can now supply its customers with a Safety Shaker for the Gerber Test which reduces significantly the risk of sulphuric acid burns to the user.
• The Safety shaker is handmade from acrylic PMMA which provides a transparent, lightweight and shatter resistant product suitable for the busy laboratory.
• The LABTEK Safety Shaker has places for up to 12 Gerber Butyrometers, the places have been sized to restrict the movement of the butyrometer when inside the shaker and has protective matting at the base to reduce any damage to glassware.
• The Acrylic PMMA lid fits tightly over the stand creating a space in which any spillages will be collected and can be handled safely.
Product Code : LTS306037

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Hotel Cleanliness – Hygiene Monitoring

LABTEK Services Ltd can supply a range of hygiene monitoring tools to provide management with instant results for the cleaning regime in kitchens or accomodation.

ATP Testing is recognised worldwide as an accurate means to acheive instant results on the effectiveness of a cleaning regime. Colour change devices such as the Proclean & Spotcheck Plus device offer results without the need to purchase an instrument. The user simply swabs the area to be tested, returns the swab to the device, snap & squeeze and after only 60secs have a visual colour indication of the cleanliness of the surface.

More advanced systems are available such as the SystemSure or ENSURE luminometer which provides accurate readings which can transferred to a PC and monitored daily to obtain a wider view of the cleaning regime and identify any potential problems.

Regain control of your cleaning regime with ATP test devices please contact us for further information

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Listeria Environmental Testing – Improved Selectivity & Specificity

InSite Listeria Swab Device

InSite Listeria Swab Device

Listeria Environmental Testing

Listeria monocytogenes, is an important foodbourne pathogen capable of causing serious illness.

There are well established traditional methods but these can take up to five days to obtain a result.

Listeria species are common colonisers in food factories where they may form biofilms that are difficult to remove, and act as reservoirs of persistent L.monocytogenes contamination for process foods if not controlled. The presence of Listeria species in the food factory is often used as an indicator for L. monocytogenes contamination.

The InSite Listeria Swab is a quick and easy test for the detection of Listeria species in food processing environments. The test contains a liquid media formulated with growth enhancers, antibiotics and chromogenic compounds specific to the growth of listeria species.

A colour change from yellow to light brown /black is a presumptive positive. Positive results are attainable in as little as 24hrs.

Advances in this product for 2016 a new swab wetting agent which has been modified to include non-hazardous buffering agent and salts in addition to existing neutralizing agents.

The improved device has been validated over 3 production batched (>5000) compared against the original device

This improvement will see significant improvement in the tests performance, increasing selectivity and specificity of this screening test thus reducing the number of false positives and increasing confidence in the results and its cost benefit.

All presumptive positive results should be confirmed by biochemical and molecular methods.

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DELVOTEST T Official Antibiotic Residue Test in the Netherlands

DSM Food Specialties’ Delvotest® T was chosen by QLIP, Dutch partner in quality assurance in the agrofood chain, as the national reference test to detect antibiotic residues in milk. The broad spectrum test was selected because of its high sensitivity and reliability. The test is fully compliant with Dutch dairy regulations, promoting a high quality milk supply throughout the whole dairy chain, from farmer to dairy to consumer.


QLIP is commissioned by Dutch dairy companies to determine the composition and quality of farm milk samples. The analyses they perform meet the specific requirements of the official Dutch dairy regulations and detect the most relevant residues at or below the European Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs).

Delvotest® T is a broad spectrum test which identifies a variety of antibiotics at or below EU MRLs with higher sensitivity for tetracyclines than any other microbiological screening test. QLIP selected Delvotest® T because the test is closest to the aimed detection level and because of its robust performance and consistent results.

“In our search to improve antibiotic residue testing, Delvotest® T performed to our expectations”, according to Louw Beerstra, Head of the QLIP Routine Laboratory. “Last year, in July, we started using Delvotest® T as a screening test for antibiotic residues in milk. The test has a high sensitivity on tetracyclines, an antibiotic which is increasingly becoming a concern for many health authorities worldwide. In the Netherlands, there is a successful program in place to reduce the usage of antibiotics in general. A test like Delvotest® T is an important tool to safeguard the suitability of milk that forms the basis for the broad range of excellent quality Dutch dairy products.”

Through the implementation of Delvotest® T by QLIP, it has become the industry benchmark in the Netherlands to detect antibiotic residues in milk in the whole dairy chain.

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MicroSnap Total- Same Shift Results – AOAC-RI Certified

Hygiena, a global leader in rapid food safety testing, has been awarded Performance Tested MethodsSM Validation (Certification Number 031501) from the AOAC Research Institute for MicroSnap™ Total, the first 7 hour total aerobic bacteria test. MicroSnap Total detects down to 1-10 organisms in 7 hours or less, which is at least 17 hours sooner than other AOAC-validated methods for the detection and enumeration of aerobic bacteria.

MicroSnap Total is a flexible test that may be used for product or environmental samples. Processors can now collect samples at the beginning of a typical 8-hour shift and get results within 7 hours to verify product quality or take corrective actions as necessary before the end of the day. Knowing results on both product and environmental samples by the end of the shift allows personnel responsible for food safety and quality to react to contamination in a timely manner, release held products sooner for extended shelf-life, and feel more confident about the quality and safety of the food being processed. The US Food and Drug Administration’s proposed rule for preventive controls in the Food Safety Modernization Act suggests a greater emphasis on environmental monitoring for food processors. Accordingly, MicroSnap Total meets the needs of food processors for a rapid, convenient, and affordable environmental microbiology screening test kit.

MicroSnap is a two-device test platform consisting of an enrichment device and detection device. The entire assay is run from start to finish in 7 hours with a 15 second read time. MicroSnap devices are measured with Hygiena’s EnSURE Monitoring System, a luminometer also capable of measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP), Enterobacteriaceae, Coliform, E.coli, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), and acid phosphatase (ACP) tests. A video demonstration of MicroSnap Total may be found on Hygiena’sYouTube channel.

MicroSnap Total joins Hygiena’s AOAC-RI PTM validated tests for Coliform & E. coli. Other products from Hygiena include the world’s best-selling ATP monitoring systems and UltraSnap ATP test devices.

AOAC Research Institute is a division of AOAC International, a globally recognized, independent, not-for-profit association based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Since 1992 the Research Institute has been striving to serve as a global provider of a complete range of products and services needed for the rapid validation and conformity assessment of commercial and analytical methods.

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