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Pasteurisation Dairy Test – New & Improved

LABTEK Services is pleased to announce the improved ZymoSnap ALP Dairy Test is now available.

The ZymoSnap ALP pasteurisation dairy test is a very simple and easy to use test with test results now available in 5mins.

The ZymoSnap Test has been previously validated at campden and chorleywood and offers excellent correllation to the gold standard Fluorophos Test.

When compared with the Gold Standard test the ZymoSnap test offers a number of advantages with the main advantage being significantly lower start-up costs, with a complete ready to go test system available at approximately only 20% cost of the fluorophos test system and significantly reduced waste for smaller processors.

The ZymoSnap Test is tested using the ENSURE luminometer which can also offer tests for ATP Hygiene & Micro-organisms Tests TVC, Enteros in under 8hrs.

For the dairy processing facility there is only one choice, contact LABTEK Services for further details

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Pasteurisation Test -Dairy Products

Pasteurisation Test – ZymoSnap Officially Validated at Campden BRI against Gold Standard.

The verification of pasteurization is a legal requirement, and the measurement of active alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is the industry standard, which ensures that milk products are made safe for

Ensure & ZymoSnap Pasteurisation Test in Dairy Products

Ensure & ZymoSnap Pasteurisation Test in Dairy Products

human consumption.

The Aschaffenburg & Mullen colourimetric test was widely used for many years, however in recent years this test has been superseded as detection levels have improved beyond the 0.1% raw milk concentration levels it is capable of detecting.

Fluorescent & Chemiluminscence methods now offer detection levels as low as 0.003% raw milk, with IDF & EU legislation set at 350mU/l or 0.01%

The Gold Standard test in the UK is widely used and is very simple to use, however the capital cost and cost per test is very high with potentially high levels of waste for the smaller processor.

ZymoSnap_ALP_LogoZymoSnap – Pasteurisation Test

The Zymosnap pasteurisation test for milk products now offers dairy processors a validated alternative to the Gold Standard Fluorophos for daily testing and screening of milk products without large investment required.

The ZymoSnap test demonstrated close correlation to the Fluorophos at 37deg C for a range of dairy products during an extensive validation process completed by Campden BRI.

Dairy products validated against included Liquid Milk, Cream, Milk shake, Flavoured Milk, Yoghurt.

The incubation period for the ZymoSnap is 10mins compared to the Fluorophos however as multiple tests can be incubated at the same time, and only a 20second actual test time required following incubation time per test is significantly reduced, with 10tests potentially tested in 3mins following incubation.

The ZymoSnap is very simple to use with all chemicals required contained within the snap device simply add the sample to the device and incubate.

  • Validated by Campden BRI
  • Repeatable, Reproducible, Reliable & Robust
  • Low cost device, controls and instrument
  • All-in-one device
  • No stopping agents required
  • High Throughput 30+ tests per hour
  • Simple & Easy to use


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