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edge® pH meter is dedicated to testing pH. Using Hanna’s latest innovation in technology and design, edge® can be adapted to suit your working method.
Select from hand held, wall mount or bench top – or switch between them all. edge® is happy any which way. Simply plug in the electrode, then play.

Measurement is simpler, quicker and more accurate than ever.
Results are fast and reliable. Combining high precision technology with the user-friendly dimensions and format of a small digital tablet, edge® is breaking new ground in electrochemistry.
A must-have meter for your laboratory!
Cutting-edge design, capacitive touch keypad and an intuitive user interface are just a few of the great attributes that make edge® stand out as the world’s first Hybrid meter on the market.

Only £295.00 + VAT 

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New pH Meter FOODCARE Cheese from LABTEK

hi-98165-cheeseNew HI-98165 FOODCARE pH Meter

Specifically designed for the cheese industry, the HI-98165 Foodcare meter with its FC2423 Cheese pH electrode will produce fast, accurate and reliable pH and temperature readings. The FC2423 has a longer electrode life thanks to a free diffusion reference junction that prevents clogging. Also, a built-in temperature sensor in the tip eliminates the need for a separate thermometer. A Viscolene (silver-free) electrolyte provides a hard gel interface between the inner electrode components and the sample being measured – perfect for cheese products. The stainless steel body offers durability in the production facility and can withstand chloride concentrations which can cause corrosion in other alloys.

Included with the meter and the specialist electrode is a robust carrying case complete with calibration and cleaning solutions, beakers, PC software and connection cable, instruction manual, quick start guide and even a set of batteries.


Just a nibble into the HI-98165 potential…


✓ Waterproof – The professional meter is IP67 rated.

✓ CAL CheckTMAlerts users to problems

✓ Automatic or manual temperature compensation

✓ Calibration

✓ 200 hour battery life approximately with 1.5V AA batteries (x4)

✓ Clear display

✓ Auto hold

✓ Calibration timeout

✓ Connectivity


✓ Intuitive keypad

✓ Carry case and accessories




✓ Stainless steel body

✓ Conic Glass Tip

✓ Built-In Temperature Sensor

✓ Low temperature glass

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