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Sanitizer Test Strips – Extra High Level

LABTEK Services can now supply a range of high level test strips, for a range of popular sanitizers including QAC, Chlorine & Peroxide.

Extra High Level Chlorine Test Strip, 10000ppm

The Extra High Level Chlorine test strip tests levels of free chlorine in a solution, in steps of 0-1000-2500-5000-7500-10,000ppm, giving results in just seconds. This test strip is great for environments requiring high levels of sanitation/disinfection, such as hospitals.


  1. Dip a test strip into the solution for 1 second.
  2. Remove the strip and wait 30 seconds, then compare to the color chart within the next 10 seconds.

Extra High Level Peroxide, 5000ppm

The Extra High Level Peroxide test strip is calibrated at 0, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000ppm, and gives results in 90 seconds. These strips are used to test concentration levels of Peroxide solutions used in cases where strong disinfection is needed.

This test strip is designed to work with solutions prepared from concentrated hydrogen peroxide only. It should not be used to test solutions made using “accelerated” hydrogen peroxide products. These type of solutions require specially formulated test strips.


  1. Remove one test strip from the vial. Do not touch the test pad with your fingers.
  2. Dip the test strip into the solution being tested for 1 second.
  3. Remove and do not shake the strip.
  4. Compare the test pad to the color chart after 90 seconds.

Extra High Level QAC Test Strip, 10,000ppm

The Extra High Level QAC Test Strip (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) measures the range of 0-10,000 ppm in increments of 1000, 2500, 5000 and 10000 ppm, and gives results in just seconds. Check for higher levels of QAC when testing stronger solutions that kill pathogenic organisms, as opposed to testing for residual QAC with our Low Level QAC test strip, or our standard QAC Quick Response Test Strip.


  1. Remove one test strip from the vial, being careful not to touch the test pad with your fingers.
  2. Dip the test strip into the solution to be tested and remove immediately.
  3. Immediately compare the test pad to the color chart. It is very important for the accuracy of the results to read the strip immediately (the maximum wait time is 5 seconds).

Please contact us for further details

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Hotel Cleanliness – Hygiene Monitoring

LABTEK Services Ltd can supply a range of hygiene monitoring tools to provide management with instant results for the cleaning regime in kitchens or accomodation.

ATP Testing is recognised worldwide as an accurate means to acheive instant results on the effectiveness of a cleaning regime. Colour change devices such as the Proclean & Spotcheck Plus device offer results without the need to purchase an instrument. The user simply swabs the area to be tested, returns the swab to the device, snap & squeeze and after only 60secs have a visual colour indication of the cleanliness of the surface.

More advanced systems are available such as the SystemSure or ENSURE luminometer which provides accurate readings which can transferred to a PC and monitored daily to obtain a wider view of the cleaning regime and identify any potential problems.

Regain control of your cleaning regime with ATP test devices please contact us for further information

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Pasteurisation Dairy Test – New & Improved

LABTEK Services is pleased to announce the improved ZymoSnap ALP Dairy Test is now available.

The ZymoSnap ALP pasteurisation dairy test is a very simple and easy to use test with test results now available in 5mins.

The ZymoSnap Test has been previously validated at campden and chorleywood and offers excellent correllation to the gold standard Fluorophos Test.

When compared with the Gold Standard test the ZymoSnap test offers a number of advantages with the main advantage being significantly lower start-up costs, with a complete ready to go test system available at approximately only 20% cost of the fluorophos test system and significantly reduced waste for smaller processors.

The ZymoSnap Test is tested using the ENSURE luminometer which can also offer tests for ATP Hygiene & Micro-organisms Tests TVC, Enteros in under 8hrs.

For the dairy processing facility there is only one choice, contact LABTEK Services for further details

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New pH Meter FOODCARE Cheese from LABTEK

hi-98165-cheeseNew HI-98165 FOODCARE pH Meter

Specifically designed for the cheese industry, the HI-98165 Foodcare meter with its FC2423 Cheese pH electrode will produce fast, accurate and reliable pH and temperature readings. The FC2423 has a longer electrode life thanks to a free diffusion reference junction that prevents clogging. Also, a built-in temperature sensor in the tip eliminates the need for a separate thermometer. A Viscolene (silver-free) electrolyte provides a hard gel interface between the inner electrode components and the sample being measured – perfect for cheese products. The stainless steel body offers durability in the production facility and can withstand chloride concentrations which can cause corrosion in other alloys.

Included with the meter and the specialist electrode is a robust carrying case complete with calibration and cleaning solutions, beakers, PC software and connection cable, instruction manual, quick start guide and even a set of batteries.


Just a nibble into the HI-98165 potential…


✓ Waterproof – The professional meter is IP67 rated.

✓ CAL CheckTMAlerts users to problems

✓ Automatic or manual temperature compensation

✓ Calibration

✓ 200 hour battery life approximately with 1.5V AA batteries (x4)

✓ Clear display

✓ Auto hold

✓ Calibration timeout

✓ Connectivity


✓ Intuitive keypad

✓ Carry case and accessories




✓ Stainless steel body

✓ Conic Glass Tip

✓ Built-In Temperature Sensor

✓ Low temperature glass

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Lactolyser MIRA Dairy Analyser

The Lactolyser MIRA Dairy Analyser from Lactotronic Netherlands has proven very popular with our clients, offering high quality specifications at an affordable price.

New advances in the Lactolyser MIRA enable the user to analyse high viscosity cream products up to 60%, with results achievable in under 30secs.

Please contact LABTEK Services if you would be interested in a trial

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Cryoscope – Lactose Free Analysis in Dairy Products

Dairy Lactose Free Product Analysis

Today a number of dairy products are targeted at lactose intolerant clients.CryoSmart1

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the new “Lactose-free” function, now available on our CryoSmart and CryoStyle cryoscopes.

This new special function is included in the main Menu and can be easily activated/deactivated by the user anytime it is required. By activating this new function it is possible to perform an extended calibration by using the optional calibration standard -0.929°C, that allows you to analyze lactose-free samples with high precision and repeatability of results.

This is very useful for all the dairy industries that produce lactose-free milk (or cream or whey) because it verifies whether the lactose hydrolysis has been properly performed when using the Lactase enzyme.

When the normal raw cow milk finds its freezing point at -0.512°C, the lactose-free cow milk finds its freezing point at -0.800°C/-0.815°C, or even lower, depending on the concentration of lactose residuals after the enzymatic treatment. By using a traditional cryoscope it is not possible to perform this kind of analyses as the values find themselves completely out of the standard calibration and out of the standard curve, but now, with the “Lactose-free” function, it is possible to implement our cryoscopes in the quality control process also for the production plants of lactose-free (<0.1% o <0.01%) or “low lactose content” (<0.5%) of milk, cream and whey.

– The control of the process of lactose removal through cryoscopy is not an official method, even though recognized (there are abstracts from



international scientific publications that describe this method).

Although not officially recognised the Lactose Free function on the cryoscope can offer an excellent screening method.

It is possible for cryoscopes already purchased to be upgraded if required.

Please contact us for further information.




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Cream Analysis by rapid Infra-Red Testing

The infra-red analyser has been widely used for many years to analyse milk and dairy products.  IR technology provided new modern dairy facilities Mira_13with the capability of obtaining rapid and accurate results for a range of parameters including Fat, Protein, Lactose & Total Solids within seconds.

However products such as the world famous Cornish clotted cream has remained difficult to analyse due to the high fat content >55% and high viscosity of the product. The main problem has always been the ability to get a consistent, representative sample to the measuring cell.

LABTEK Services Ltd who celebrates 40years supporting the UK dairy industry in 2017 has worked with a number of clotted cream manufactures in the southwest of England over the years and has always strived to bring to our clients a solution to this problem.

New developments in the Lactolyser IR Analyser from Lactotronic, Netherlands now offers our clients a solution to clotted cream analysis, offering accurate and repeatable fat content results >55% essential for the manufacture of consistent clotted cream.

‘ Since purchasing the Lactolyser IR analyser over 12months ago we have not looked back, the Lactolyser has provided our production team with rapid information on the fat content of the cream’ John Cottrell Gundenham Dairies.

The Lactolyser IR analyser is proving very popular in the UK with a third unit also recently installed at Cotteswold Dairy bought specifically to test cream, with units 1 & 2 testing milk products.

The Lactolyser IR is a cost effective infra-red analyser offering ISO/IDF recognised technology to provide data on a wide range of milk and dairy products including cream analysis >55%

Please contact us should you be interested in more information or demonstration/trial.

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Pasteurisation Test -Dairy Products

Pasteurisation Test – ZymoSnap Officially Validated at Campden BRI against Gold Standard.

The verification of pasteurization is a legal requirement, and the measurement of active alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is the industry standard, which ensures that milk products are made safe for

Ensure & ZymoSnap Pasteurisation Test in Dairy Products

Ensure & ZymoSnap Pasteurisation Test in Dairy Products

human consumption.

The Aschaffenburg & Mullen colourimetric test was widely used for many years, however in recent years this test has been superseded as detection levels have improved beyond the 0.1% raw milk concentration levels it is capable of detecting.

Fluorescent & Chemiluminscence methods now offer detection levels as low as 0.003% raw milk, with IDF & EU legislation set at 350mU/l or 0.01%

The Gold Standard test in the UK is widely used and is very simple to use, however the capital cost and cost per test is very high with potentially high levels of waste for the smaller processor.

ZymoSnap_ALP_LogoZymoSnap – Pasteurisation Test

The Zymosnap pasteurisation test for milk products now offers dairy processors a validated alternative to the Gold Standard Fluorophos for daily testing and screening of milk products without large investment required.

The ZymoSnap test demonstrated close correlation to the Fluorophos at 37deg C for a range of dairy products during an extensive validation process completed by Campden BRI.

Dairy products validated against included Liquid Milk, Cream, Milk shake, Flavoured Milk, Yoghurt.

The incubation period for the ZymoSnap is 10mins compared to the Fluorophos however as multiple tests can be incubated at the same time, and only a 20second actual test time required following incubation time per test is significantly reduced, with 10tests potentially tested in 3mins following incubation.

The ZymoSnap is very simple to use with all chemicals required contained within the snap device simply add the sample to the device and incubate.

  • Validated by Campden BRI
  • Repeatable, Reproducible, Reliable & Robust
  • Low cost device, controls and instrument
  • All-in-one device
  • No stopping agents required
  • High Throughput 30+ tests per hour
  • Simple & Easy to use


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pH Buffer Solutions

ph Buffers Colour Coded Dairy Electrode Cleaner

ph Buffers Colour Coded
Dairy Electrode Cleaner

LABTEK Services have launched our popular pH Buffer solutions in new easy to dispense bottles.


Supplied in 1000ml bottles the bottle enables the user to easily dispense 25ml.

Our LABTEK branded ph calibration solutions are manufactured to highest quality standards with the 3 popular pH levels colour coded for easy identification and now every standard supplied with a certificate of conformity.

2016 also sees the launch of our Dairy Specific electrode cleaner which has been specially developed to remove stubborn protein and lactose residues left behind from dairy products such as milk & cream supplied in 500ml bottles. The Dairy Electrode Cleaner compliments our popular general electrode cleaner and storage solutions.

pH6.86 Technical buffer also available, as well as bespoke solutions on request.

High Quality solutions for Electro-Chemistry tests.


Solutions for every Application

LABTEK Solutions Include:-

  • LABTEK pH Buffers, Sensor Maintenance Solutions & Fill Solutions
  • LABTEK ORP Standards
  • LABTEK ISE Calibration Standards
  • LABTEK Conductivity Standards

Manufactured to the highest quality standards

LABTEK electrochemistry solutions are manufactured for accuracy and repeatability. Solutions are produced in controlled batches using ultrapure water and undergo rigorous quality testing. ISO quality procedures ensure correct bottle labelling, and specific lot-release criteria

NIST Traceability

LABTEK pH buffers, ISE and conductivity standards are traceable to NIST standard reference materials and are labelled with a lot code and expiration date.

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Listeria Environmental Testing – Improved Selectivity & Specificity

InSite Listeria Swab Device

InSite Listeria Swab Device

Listeria Environmental Testing

Listeria monocytogenes, is an important foodbourne pathogen capable of causing serious illness.

There are well established traditional methods but these can take up to five days to obtain a result.

Listeria species are common colonisers in food factories where they may form biofilms that are difficult to remove, and act as reservoirs of persistent L.monocytogenes contamination for process foods if not controlled. The presence of Listeria species in the food factory is often used as an indicator for L. monocytogenes contamination.

The InSite Listeria Swab is a quick and easy test for the detection of Listeria species in food processing environments. The test contains a liquid media formulated with growth enhancers, antibiotics and chromogenic compounds specific to the growth of listeria species.

A colour change from yellow to light brown /black is a presumptive positive. Positive results are attainable in as little as 24hrs.

Advances in this product for 2016 a new swab wetting agent which has been modified to include non-hazardous buffering agent and salts in addition to existing neutralizing agents.

The improved device has been validated over 3 production batched (>5000) compared against the original device

This improvement will see significant improvement in the tests performance, increasing selectivity and specificity of this screening test thus reducing the number of false positives and increasing confidence in the results and its cost benefit.

All presumptive positive results should be confirmed by biochemical and molecular methods.

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